Make Me Fabulous
[Season Two]

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About NextPage Production

NextPage Production is a film production company. It is established with a vision to elevate standards in filmmaking & production across Africa and the entire world. The combined experience of the in-house team covers award-winning feature films, documentaries, short films and new media content. The company has taken a bold step, as an independent film production company to produce its first feature for cinema, “Through the Glass” which was the first Nigeria film to break box office record in 2009.

Next page production thrives on the quality of production for its film using high definition regarding quality and delivery and also building long-standing business relationship with companies in achieving distinctiveness’ in production research, scripting, directing across the continent and beyond.

The company continually redefines itself, understanding its tagline “Every page is a phase that flips”, to propel to heights attainable bearing in mind the need to amplify a positive image of culture and people across the world. It has active personnel of diverse backgrounds carefully chosen to deliver on the company’s vision. It is a one-stop company with great drive, passion, and commitment.

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